Most Useful Business Travel Gadgets

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Long and uncomfortable flights, drained batteries and jet lag: that’s the dark side of a business travellers’ life. However, there are some very handy gadgets and accessories that can make travelling more pleasant.

IHG® Business Advantage have compiled a list of 8 useful travel gadgets for frequent business travellers. Find out how to add more comfort to your next business trip with the help of these gadgets!

Luggage Tracker

Has your luggage ever gone missing? Or have you been concerned that it might go missing? With the luggage tracker you always know if your luggage has come all the way with you or where it is when it got lost.

Simply place the tracker in your checked baggage and on arrival it will automatically send you notifications about its location. Instead of the airline taking hours or even days to track your luggage down, just let them know where it is and have it arrive at your destination much more quickly. It’s definitely a must-have for corporate travellers who take flights with connections.

Business Travel Gadgets

Window Solar Powered Charger

When drained mobile or tablet batteries stop your workflow on the move, this gadget can help you out! This solar powered charger sticks to any window and converts sunlight into electricity when there are no sockets available. Continue working on the flight and enjoy full batteries again on arrival with this useful device!

Business Travel Gadgets

Award-Winning Travel Pillow

Know the feeling of abruptly waking-up when your head is falling forward or onto your seat neighbour’s shoulder? There is a new award-winning travel pillow that can resolve this problem. With its special shape, the J-Pillow provides support for head and chin so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep again.

Business Travel Gadgets

Charger for Multiple Devices

Most hotels only provide 1-2 sockets per room which is a problem when you need to charge multiple devices at the same time. This becomes even more important if you have some must-have business travel apps on your phone or tablet that you need to use.

This charger allows you to charge your business mobile, private mobile, tablet, and e-book reader simultaneously and with maximum speed thanks to the special IC technology.

Business Travel Gadgets

Portable Garment Steamer

No matter how you pack your shirts or blouses, they can come out wrinkled again. A portable garment steamer comes in handy when you are without an iron in the hotel or your office! An absolute asset for every business traveller!

Business Travel Gadgets

Flexible Mini Computer Keyboard

When writing emails on mobile or tablet takes too long, simply use this mini external keyboard. It connects with your device via Bluetooth and is easy to carry around as you only need to roll it up. Plus, it’s waterproof in case you spill your coffee!

Business Travel Gadgets


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise at airports or other public places can cause headaches, disturb sleep and reduce concentration if you’re working whilst travelling. Surely you want to be fresh and active for that important business meeting? Noise cancelling headphones are the solution! Where normal headphones only reduce noise by blocking it, these headphones cancel it out so you can either enjoy complete silence or listen to music without the annoying plane or train noise in the background.

Here’s how it works: A small microphone “listens” to external sound and the speakers send reversed sound waves along with the music so the traffic noise is cancelled out!

For example,

Business Travel Gadgets


We all know the terrible feeling of suffering from a jetlag. But where others are on holiday, you travel for business purposes and need to be on top for important meetings!

With light therapy you can prevent jetlag by “tricking” your body clock and slowly shifting it to the destination time zone. Depending on if you travel west or east, you expose yourself to the light of a lightbox before the trip at certain hours and by the time you arrive your body has already adapted the local time so you won’t suffer from jetlag. Invaluable for every international business traveller!

For example,

Business Travel Gadgets


If you’re looking for some useful mobile apps that will make your business travels easier, have a look at our compilation of the 7 must-have travel apps.

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