Business Advantage & IHG® Rewards Club

With a Business Advantage account not only does your business benefit, so do your travellers. By joining IHG® Rewards Club, the world’s largest hotel loyalty program, your travellers can earn points every time they stay, to spend on all the things they love.

When travelling as a member of IHG® Rewards Club you’ll be able to collect points from your hotel stays. These can be redeemed against a number of rewards, like free Reward Nights at any of the 4,700 IHG® properties worldwide, airline miles and car rentals. Our points never expire and can even be used at our competitors!

Your bookings are made as normal and if you use a Business Advantage card you get a guaranteed 4% discount at all UK properties.

As a Business Advantage member we give up to three IHG® Rewards Club Gold Elite Memberships for your travellers. You get free Internet access worldwide as well as Priority Check-in on guaranteed reservations. You’ll also get a 10% bonus on base points to get you earning from day one.

Interested in Elite Memberships for your other travellers? Simply stay with IHG® for over 15 nights a year (10 nights if you stay across 3 of our brands) or earn 20,000 points and they can be fast tracked to Elite Status as well.

So apply for a Business Advantage account and start enjoying the benefits.

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