10 Best technologies to make you more efficient at work

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We all know technology is designed to make working life easier. But there’s a lot of it out there. And how do you know what’s best? To help you sort the good from the not-so-good, we’ve compiled our top 10 essential IT tools, to manage your work more effectively and make you more productive in the office.


1. Trello

A project management system that lets you create tasks, assign deadlines and view everything in one go. It takes care of the big picture as well as the minute details and is incredibly easy to manage. Using boards, lists and cards you can organise and prioritise your workload. An essential for any project managers.


2. Awesome Screenshot

Captures a whole page of a website or just a portion of it, in one go. Add annotations, comments, circles, arrows, text and more. You can even blur sensitive information. Then share with one-click uploads. It’s a nifty, and extremely easy, way of communicating with colleagues using the power of images.


3. Slack

Is a chat tool that brings all your communication needs together so you can get things done more quickly. Simply create a Slack channel for a project, team or a topic. Then enjoy real-time messaging, calls, file sharing, searching and archiving. You can even integrate tools you already use or create a private channel for sensitive projects.


4. Calendly

Streamlines multiple calendars on various platforms by giving you a personal customised link that can be shared with anyone. So when a potential client or colleague, views your calendar, they can see your available time slots and book an appointment straight away. It’s great for cutting down on email traffic and the time taken to schedule meetings.


5. Monzo

A bank built for your smartphone that updates your balance instantly, gives intelligent notifications, includes built-in budgeting and fee-free travel. With no set-up or usage fees and an easy-to-use pre-paid top-up system, it’s the way forward if you want to keep track of your balance and budgets.


6. 1 Password

Always forgetting your passwords? Not anymore. 1 Password collects all your passwords in one secure place with only one master password needed to access them. It’s perfect for departmental sharing of information. And keeps you well protected without a lot of effort.


7. Unroll.me

If your email box is getting out of control with undeleted emails and subscriptions, then this is for you. Unroll.me takes your emails, categorises them and puts them on a server for you to go through at your leisure. It leaves your inbox feeling nice and neat and only receiving emails from desired sources.


8. Evernote

Lets you capture, nurture and share your ideas across any device. It’s great for when you want to create a project to-do list, snap a picture of an idea you’ve sketched, or share ideas with colleagues. And 70% of users say it makes them more successful by helping them centralise, organise and access data in one place. Good alternatives are Google Keep and Awesome Note.


9. Zapier

Allows you to automate processes across many different apps to save time. For example, you can set it to automatically download email attachments, instead of downloading and importing them it into a program yourself. It’s great little tool for saving time on back office work that can really eat into your hours.


10. Hound

So busy you need a personal assistant? Let Hound answer and action your requests to save you time. Think Siri but smarter. Whether you need to book a hotel or check the traffic so you can get to your meeting on time, Hound responds to your voice queries giving fast, accurate results.


Whether you use all of these tools, or just combine some with what you already use, the idea is to create a full blown productivity system that you’re comfortable with. The happier you are with your tools and processes, the more you’ll rely on them and the more productive you’ll be. Just think: what will you do with the extra hours in your day?

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