7 Must-Have Business Travel Apps

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Whoever thought a business traveller’s life was tremendous?

Airports, business lounges, flights, taxis, hotels, meetings, jet lags are all part of most business travellers’ life. Because the flipsides of travelling are almost unavoidable, we want to help you make the most of your business trips. After exploring the fast-moving and innovative world of mobile apps, we have listed what we would consider to be the 7 must-have apps for the modern business traveller.

So regardless if you are new to the world of business travel or you have already spent a lot of time in airport lounges, you should definitely get your phone ready and have a look at this!

1. Need medical information or assistance abroad, sure. But in English?

Rating – 3.5*
Price – Free

Dealing with doctors and health professionals whilst abroad can be particularly stressful given the language barriers and the complexity and urgency of the situation.

Feeling sick might be the worst scenario you would want to experience overseas, so if you already feel the stress of this possibility, mPasspory is the app for you!

Once registered you will find a list of nearby hospitals and doctors who can speak English. The app also comes with a useful translator for the most common health conditions in different languages.

2. No internet connection? Hit the ground running and find your directions easily.

Rating – 4*
Price – Free

There was a time when A-Z maps books were indispensable. Nowadays, asking directions from Google almost seems like an instant solution. But what if you have an important meeting in a new location and just realised you can’t get an internet connection? City Maps 2Go has a very simple, effective and useful idea to make your life easier when internet lets you down. Simply download the maps of the cities you are about to visit and run the app when your internet disappears.

3. How to work out whilst always travelling for work?

Rating – 4*
Price – Free

We all know the difficulty of staying in shape when spending 4 or 5 days a week in a hotel.

We also know that now with a smartphone or tablet and a smart sports app you just can’t use this as an excuse for not exercising! Available on Google Play & iOS, 500 Bodyweight Challenge is the ultimate mobile app for sporty people on the move. Install the app, launch it, select one of the suggested challenges and start the video that explains to you in detail how to complete the exercise!

4. No time for a bus and no taxi around?

Rating – 4*
Price – Free

Why would you look for taxi companies online, queue up at a stand or wait for a bus while you could simply make the most of your smartphone and use one of the greatest taxi and private car apps? Uber is probably one of those indispensable and handy mobile apps that you should install to start saving time and get instant private drivers, taxi availability and fares for any car rides in more than 40 countries.

5. Where to find the best local restaurant or bar in town?

Rating – 4*
Price – Free

Time is a major stake when on a business trip. After a long day of conferences, meeting, calls and travelling, you may want to enjoy your spare time. Even if your accommodation is located in what you believe is the most isolated area, Around Me can determine your position and help you find out the main attractions and services accordingly. Whether you fancy an excursion, a restaurant or a nice shopping outing, this mobile app gathers all information you may need to quickly organise an entertaining evening.

6. Struggling to properly communicate in a foreign country?

Rating – 4 *
Price – Free

Do you normally travel to many foreign language speaking countries? How impressive would it be to greet the local people in their own language and try to get around the new city without any problem? Yes, it’s challenging too, but Tap & Say – Travel Phrasebook app makes it easy and fun.

This app has a database of the 600 words and sentences you need to know when travelling, translated into 11 languages (including Thai, Indonesian and Chinese) with native speaker pronunciation too!

7. Wondering what the currency conversion rate is?

Rating – 4*
Price – £1.49

Have you ever wished you owned Mary Poppins’ magic bag and have anything at your disposal anytime and anywhere in the world? Well, smartphones and tablets have certainly fulfilled part of that dream as you can carry as much as you can in your pocket.

Mobile apps have also simplified the way you can access information making it even easier to get yourself organized and perform multiple tasks especially while travelling. You need a currency calculator, country codes details, flight status or a dictionary, you should then consider the Travel App Box that combines 15 useful tools into one Application.

Bonus App: Looking for a one-stop solution for booking business hotels & managing expenses?

Rating – 4*
Price – Free

A dedicated IHG hotels app has been designed for both Android and iOS devices. Best rates guaranteed, check availabilities and book a room amongst the thousands on offer! The IHG app is also compatible with IHG® Business Advantage which offers the best B2B solutions when it comes to business travel. From free credit for 45 days to a hassle-free management of invoices, everything that can be useful for business travelling, is offered by IHG® Business Advantage account. The Business Advantage network includes more than 300 hotels in the UK!

* IHG® Rewards Club not applicable to Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants; to be included at a future date.

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