8 Ways to Reduce your Business Travel Stress

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Travelling for business can be stressful, especially for those who travel frequently for work. A combination of pre-travel planning, booking accommodation, arranging transport, managing expenses and receipts – not forgetting – working on planes or trains mixed with a lack of sleep can all add to the stresses of travel.

These factors can also have a negative effect on creativity and productivity. So to help minimise the stresses of business travel we have provided some useful tips:

1. Create a travel checklist

Do you tend to be forgetful while packing for a business trip? This may be a given but many business travellers do not create a checklist that can reduce unforeseen stresses of forgetting something that is crucial to a meeting, or not having something small yet important like your phone charger. Having a travel checklist can save you from unexpected stress and panic.

2. Opt for a hotel with a convenient location, exclusive offers & meeting room facilities

Looking for a hotel that is both within the company’s budget and not too far from the meeting venue can take time and increase stress of looking for the best deals and offers. IHG Business Advantage can come in handy with 300 hotels across the UK, offering free internet and providing one in ten delegates for free on any meetings/conferences.

3. Check for free Wi-Fi facility before booking a hotel

One of the most important things to consider for any business traveller is whether the hotel has free Wi-Fi access. If the hotel provides free and unlimited internet usage it can instantly reduce costs and minimise your business travel stress.

4. Pre-book your taxi

Just arrived at the airport or train station and thinking about the most convenient way to get to an important meeting in rush hour? Waiting for a car or trying to get a taxi can also add up to the stress if the train station or airport is very busy. You would not have to worry about your commute from the station to a meeting or the accommodation venue if the taxi is booked in advance.

5. Make sure your business travel wallet is well equipped

Having a smartly organised business travel wallet can save you from some unexpected situations. It can be as small as having bad breath to something big like not having a hard copy of your travel tickets & accommodation address due to your phone running out of battery. A business travel wallet is instrumental in making your trip more efficient. Here is what we think are essentials of a business travel wallet:

6. Take extra clothing and some toiletries in a carry-on bag

Was your checked-in bag misplaced at the airport or did you spill something on your shirt just before the meeting? Having a spare change of clothes and extra toiletries in a carry-on bag is very useful on such occasions and can save you from that extra panic.

7. Take some time out to relax or work out

This is something that some business travellers tend to ignore or give little importance to because of work, lack of time, travel stress and jet lag (if travelling to/from another country). However, arriving at the hotel 1 day in advance or taking some time out to explore the city can help reducing stress and beat the jet lag. Using the hotel’s health club facilities can help in reduce jet lag and make you feel fresh and productive for the important meetings.

8. Manage expenses and bills efficiently

Is collecting receipts, managing and claiming expenses a nightmare for you? Business travellers usually find tracking expenses and collecting receipts for food or accommodation stressful and time consuming. To address this, IHG Business Advantage provides a secure online account management system where you can manage your expenses and view transactions in real time so you don’t have to collect numerous receipts for your post-travel expense report.

Have you or your colleagues been in any of the above situations? Share these tips with them and make the most of your business travels!

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