7 things that business travellers find annoying

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1. Last minute flight cancellations and delays

Have you ever arrived at an airport and found out your flight is delayed? Wouldn’t it be better if you had this information while you were at home or at the office? Luckily, there are mobile apps like GateGuru that provide real-time flight status updates, weather reports, estimated security wait times, airport amenities, etc.  You can now avoid the last-minute stress.

Delayed flight - business travel

2. An uncomfortable & a noisy airport lounge

Airport lounges can get very noisy, distracting and uncomfortable for those who are travelling for business. Not anymore though! Airline alliances like SkyTeam offer some of the best airport lounges in the world. Apart from providing basic features like Wi-Fi, power sockets, complimentary food & beverage, these lounges also offer relaxation facilities like a yoga room to their Elite Plus members!  So start planning & using your flying miles now to get access to these pampering lounges.

Airport lounge - business travel
Source: SkyTeam.com – London Heathrow Airport (LHR).

3. A hotel with an inconvenient location & a boring view

Have you stayed at a hotel that is not situated in a convenient location, and also got a room overlooking a dull construction site? Wouldn’t it be just perfect to book a hotel that offers both good location & an amazing view? InterContinental hotels is one of such IHG® hotel brands. You are never too late to start taking advantage of the worldwide network of IHG® hotels.

InterContinental Sydney View

InterContinental hotel, Sydney

4. Not having the local adaptor again!

We’ve all had this problem at least once in our lives. It just gets worse for corporate travellers who might have to travel to various countries at short notice period. Have you ever considered investing in a worldwide adaptor that works in about 150 countries? Probably, this is your new business travel friend.

Worldwide adaptor - business travel

5. Having to pay for internet & still not fast enough.

It’s obvious how important internet is for everyone, let alone business travellers. Are you still paying for internet at your regular business hotels? Why not become a member of IHG® Rewards Club & start having internet included at any of the 4,900 IHG® hotels in the world!

Paying for internet - business travel

6. Got an important meeting & the taxi is delayed

Taxis are not always reliable and can be one of the main reasons of being late to your meeting. Uber is one of the popular taxi service apps that can avoid delays. Why not download some useful business travel apps before you start your journey?

Delayed taxis - business travel

7. Having to collect receipts & manage your expenses

Just the sound of collecting receipts and claiming back expenses is annoying for corporate travellers. Hotel related expenses can add to this stress. IHG® Business Advantage provides a free and simple solution for your hotel expenses. The easy to use payment card gives you 45 days free credit to use at more than 300 IHG® hotels throughout the UK and includes benefits such as guaranteed discounts on your stays.

Managing reciepts - business travel

* IHG® Rewards Club not applicable to Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants; to be included at a future date.

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