Statements & Payment

What do I do if I have a query about my statement?

You can query a transaction on your statement at any time during the six months following the issue of the statement. Please contact the Business Advantage help desk with your query.

If you have any other questions you wish to ask then additional contact details can be found on the contact us page.

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What information will I see on my invoice?

The invoice provides you with a transaction date, hotel location, guest name, reservation number and card number used for the booking. You can also see what the card was used for. For example, food and drink, or a newspaper.

In most cases the invoice will show the total amount spent with a comprehensive VAT breakdown. Invoices will be emailed to the registered account holder at the start of each month, unless specified to receive by post instead. Invoices can also be viewed online in Excel or PDF by logging into your account.

Check out more details in Online Account Management.

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Can overseas bookings and expenses be charged to my Business Advantage account?

No. Business Advantage is currently available in the UK (including Northern Ireland) only. Please check our website for any of your travel needs outside of the UK.

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