Important Changes to your
IHG® Business Advantage Account in effect from 8th September 2015

There will be changes to the way in which the credit limit for your IHG® Business Advantage Account is managed.

Your credit limit currently resets when your invoice is produced. We will be changing this from the 8th September 2015 so that it resets when:

  1. payment is made to clear your invoice OR
  2. an interim payment is made (if you choose to do so)

To ensure that your account continues to run smoothly we will also be undertaking a review of your credit limit which will give you more flexibility to manage your credit balance.

Please note that you do not need to do anything right now, but look out for further communications regarding these improvements to our service.

For your information please find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below but should you have any queries in the meantime please contact our help line on 0845 603 2513.


  1. What has changed and how does this change impact me?
  2. Currently, your credit limit is reset when your invoice is produced. With this change, the only way to reset your credit limit will be to clear all outstanding balances.

  3. Why have you decided to implement this change?
  4. The results of our recent survey indicate that our customers wanted a simpler and more intuitive approach to how their credit was being handled.

    As such, we have implemented a new approach to credit that has the same characteristics of a credit card.

  5. Will there be any additional charges involved?
  6. No. As before, your Business Advantage account is absolutely free and costs nothing to run. There is no minimum spend, interest or late payment fees.

  7. How will my credit limit be affected?
  8. As part of this exercise, we will be undertaking a review of your credit limit. Your resulting credit limit will depend on your trading history. If you make regular, consistent payments we may agree to increase your maximum credit limit in the future.

  9. How will this affect my direct debit?
  10. Your direct debit will continue to be taken in the same manner. However, your credit limit will be reset at the point of payment instead of when your invoice is produced.

  11. How will this affect interim payments?
  12. Your credit limit will be reset at the point of payment should you choose to make an interim payment before the invoicing date.  However, please note that payments received within 2 weeks of the direct debit payment date may not be taken into consideration due to the timing of cleared funds.

  13. What happens if I use up my credit limit?
  14. Any account that exceeds the agreed credit limit may go on hold (i.e. you will no longer be able to use your card until the balance is paid). However, we will keep you informed and advise you when you have reached 70% of your credit limit. This will give you sufficient time to address the issue and avoid any breaks in service.

* IHG® Rewards Club not applicable to Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants; to be included at a future date.

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